Max Effort Upper Week 1 Day 2

Tom Barry
Thu Jun 21, 2018

Max Effort Upper Week 1 Day 2

Warm up

Band pulls parts

 DB curl

Band push downs

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with the bar

Do a few sets slowly building up the weight until you feel warmed up

The Lift - Pin Press 

As with the Lower body Max Effort, after you have warmed up take no more than 7 working sets to hit a new 1rm.

If you know your max then you should only do 3 lifts above 90% and the third one should be a new PR. If you don’t then go till you hit something that’s as heavy as you can safely pull but don’t get greedy and fail. If you are unsure leave it where it stands and get a new record next time.  

Squeeze shoulder blade together and pull the pats down before you start the lift. This will give you more stability throughout your lift. 


Tricep push downs 3x10

DB rows 3x10

Face pulls 3x15

Cable crunches 3xmax