Mama Said.

Westside Barbell
Sat Dec 29, 2018

Some people have an aversion to conditioning in the cold.
You can fix this by wearing clothing in a pattern called ‘layers’.
Just like mama said.

A good warm-up for ME/DE Lower:
🔸30% 1RM Back Squat on Sled
🔸Sled attached around hips

1️⃣Quarter Mile Sled Drag
🔸recover to 90%
2️⃣60m Sled Trip (upright)
🔸1min rest
3️⃣60m Sled Trip (slight forward lean)
🔸1min rest
4️⃣60m Sled Trip (forward lean, torso almost to parallel to ground)
🔸1min rest
5️⃣60m Sled Trip (torso parallel to ground)