Lower Volume

Westside Barbell
Mon Oct 14, 2019

Dynamic Lower 

Bow Bar Box Squat 5x5@50% 1RM
-downward bands (tension = ~25% of 1RM at top)
-stance = 1 foot width wider than normal
-box = competition depth

ATP Low Rack Pull 4x6
-40% of 1RM loaded on bar
-straight weight only on carriage
-weight ONLY increases on the carriage(not on the bar)
-reset reps

Sled Pull x8 Trips
-25% 1RM deadlift
-trip = 60m down AND back
-forward pull going down
-reverse pull on way back
-90% rest between trips

Reverse Hypers 4x40
-30% 1RM back squat
-glute emphasis

Standing Banded Abs 4x20
-straight down 

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