Heavy Volume

Westside Barbell
Sun Mar 31, 2019

Heavy Lower (Builder Day)
-Done in place of a Max Effort day in order to focus solely on strengthening a weak link.

1️⃣Front Squat 1x3
-zercher harness
-free squat

2️⃣Front Squat Box Squat 3x6
-box = parallel
-zercher harness

3️⃣Inverse Curl x8, 6, 4
-GHD is alternative

4️⃣Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper 3x30
-30% 1RM back squat on carriage
-low back emphasis

5️⃣Decline Sit-up Static Hold 5x20sec
-holding Db against clavicle and chin
-bringing upper back 5-6” off the pad