Back Half

Westside Barbell
Sat Jun 15, 2019

Dynamic Lower

Bow Bar Box Squat 10x2@50% 1RM
-~25% accommodating resistance from band tension
-box = parallel

4" Deficit Conventional Deadlift 5x5
-reset reps
-weight should be such so as there are 1-2 more in the tank

45º Back Extension 5x20
-hugging med ball against clavicle and chin
-reps 1-10, 1sec pause at top, reps 11-20 1sec pause at bottom

Reverse Sled Pull x8 Trips
-walking backwards (quad emphasis)
-90% recover after each trip
-1 Trip = 60m down AND back (120m total)

Reverse Hyper 3x50@20% 1RM Conventional Deadlift
-glute emphasis

Standing Banded Abs 4x15