ATP Pull

Westside Barbell
Thu Feb 07, 2019

A Max Effort Lower session using the ATP for y’all.

1️⃣ATP Conventional Deadlift 1RM
🔸45% 1RM straight weight on the bar
🔸to increase weight, ONLY add weight to carriage
🔸bar set just below knee height

2️⃣ATP Conventional Deadlift 2x3
🔸grip 2 finger widths wider(each hand)
🔸reset reps

3️⃣Back Extension 3x6
🔸bar of choice on back(we prefer giant cambered bar)
🔸1-1000 pause at top(ensures muscle is used and not momentum)

4️⃣Seated Banded Hamstring Curl 5x40
🔸heels together, toes outward