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Nitro Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

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These zip up hooded sweatshirts are warm, durable and flexible. They have Westside Barbell™ printed on the top front corner and on the back with Westside wrote on down on each.Westside Barbell™ Fact

'The Westside Barbell™ Dog Logo is based on Louie Simmons™ dog Nitro. Who lived and died at Westside Barbell. Nitro was always waiting on Louie and Westside Crew to come train at gym and was a very important member of Westside. In Nitro's honor Louie designed the world famous Westside Barbell Dog Logo based on his dogs image so that every time you wear our t-shirt in and out gym you are bringing Nitro with you to the place he loved' 

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