What is Strength Speed?

Westside Barbell
Tue Oct 15, 2019

Strength Speed is trained at slow velocity. For more, look at Hill’s Equation. Look at the force-velocity relation, which states that motion velocity decreases as external resistance increases. Remember Maximum Force (Fmm) is attained when velocity is small.
For training Strength Speed, a combination of high band tension plus barbell weight is used. One must use a higher amount of band tension compared to barbell weight.
Here’s an example: A max squat of 600 pounds would call for using 375 pounds of band tension at lockout with a possible barbell load of 300 pounds. It adds up to 675 pounds at lockout. Any time you exceed the barbell weight over band tension you must use a higher rate of band tension. Always have strong tension at the bottom.

For more information, go to Mel Siff’s SuperTraining, pp. 145 and 409; both
Combinations of Resistance Methods and Science and Practice of Strength Training by V. M.
Zatsiorsky; and Westside Barbell’s 32 men who have squatted over 1000 pounds.