Keep It Simple - A Workout Guide To Healthy Joints

Westside Barbell
Mon Mar 23, 2020

Act now and start training your joints. Do not start by overcomplicating things, keep it simple. Start with the basics of what a joint is and how to actually train it. The best part is you need no equipment! 

Read below for an explanation, but regardless watch the video. 

Training has a specific outcome of improving one’s capacity. A joint is a specific thing, that at its most basic level is the space between articulating bones. If an optimal amount of space is possessed, it allows for the articulating bones to move independently from one another (i.e. normal joint function).

Thus, joint training should first start with actively working to maintain this space, while simultaneously working to increase the body’s ability to control the joint. This is done in a systematic way via Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs).

In conjunction with CARs, Seth is going to be performing a bodyweight squat against westside barbell band resistance. 

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