Hip Pop

Westside Barbell
Mon May 06, 2019

Max Effort Lower

1️⃣ATP Conventional Rack Pull 1RM
-20% of your all time best deadlift (sumo or conventional) on carriage with straight weight
-bar set below the knee
-if an ATP is not available, use a dip belt and attach as big of a kettlebell as possible

2️⃣ATP Conventional Rack Pull 3x3
-reset reps

3️⃣Farmer’s Carry x3 Trips
-1 trip = 60m down and back (120m total)
-using farmer’s handles if available, DBs if not

4️⃣Single Leg Reverse Hyper 4x40(each leg)
-40% 1RM back squat weight loaded onto carriage

5️⃣Banded Lateral Walk x1 Trip
-band around ankles and knees
-keeping glutes tight
-keeping tension in both bands at all times