Football SPP: Mini Workouts

Westside Barbell
Sun Mar 29, 2020

These Mini Workouts are made to compliment what is done on the field in order to maintain athletic stability while training from home.

Speed Positioning

-A Skip 5x20yds

-B Skip 4x20yds

-C Skip 3x30yds

*keep upright

*knee up, toe up (knee and ankles at 90º)


Banded Lateral Zig Zag Shuffle 5x30yds

-set cones 5yds apart vertically (on 5yd lines) and 5yds diagonally from each other

-knee band


Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge 4x30(each leg)

-if no bands, place object across lap

-amount of band/weight does not matter, it is all about the contraction of the glute



Shoulder Stability

Kneeling Single Arm Object Press 3x12-15(each arm)

-legs/thighs & ankles at 90º

-the side which the knee is on the floor is the arm which presses the object


Standing Banded Shoulder Press 5x50

-standing on band, opposite end of the band held in hands to press


Banded Wall Walk 4x10yds(each direction)

-20yds total each set

-light band around the wrists

-keeping tension in the band

-stay upright



Vertical Power

Banded Good Morning Vertical Jump 10x1

-wear the band as though you are performing a good morning, use the preload of the band to enhance the stretch reflex(if you place your arms inside the band strands going down to your feet, upon jumping the band will slip of in a timely fashion)

-if no bands, hold and release a moderate weighted object


Bodyweight Split Squat Jumps 5x5 (each leg)

-at bottom, both legs/thighs are at 90º

-goal is vertical height


Banded Pull Through 5x30



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