Somebody You Should Know!- Thomas Topham

Tom Barry
Tue Sep 27, 2016

Thomas Topham was born in London in the year 1710 till 1749. His feats of strength were remarkable giving that was 5 ft 10in and only weighed a 196 lbs.
Some of his feats of strength are as follows 
  1. He struck a yard long 3 inch diameter iron poker off his bare left forearm so hard that it bent into a right angle
  2. He lifted a 6 foot long table with only his teeth
  3. A harness lift of 3 cask's with a combined weight of 1836 lbs.

There are many stories on Topham and more on the pranks he would like to play on people. One such prank was when he plucked a quarter of beef from a butchers shoulder with such speed and dexterity that the unknowing butcher could only come to the conclusion that the devil had come and flew off with his meat.

Thomas Topham is a person you should read about in depth or at the very least 
google search about his amazing feats of strength.