WSBB Coffee Cuban Style Espresso Roast
WSBB Coffee Cuban Style Espresso Roast

WSBB Coffee Cuban Style Espresso Roast

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The Cover Story

Did you know Louie Simmons is an avid car enthusiast and driver, he used to track race dragster cars at a high level in Ohio!

This image shows Louie's favorite pastime, Increasing Horsepower!!, via sled drags, and dragster motors!

How Does it taste?

This coffee has a bold, intense, strong, robust Flavor that you come to find with a traditional Cuban Coffee.

The background story on these beans:  

This is a special proprietary coffee with the traditional tastes of Cuban Coffee.  We recommend this coffee served Café Cubano style or as an espresso.

Café Cubano style is an espresso shot sweetened with demerara sugar which has been whipped into the coffee.  This is also the perfect coffee for Colada, Cortadito, and Café con Leche. 


  • Type of Roast: Espresso Roast

  • Weight: 16oz

  • Coffee Type: Comes in both Whole Bean and Ground

  • Produced in conjunction with local businesses  

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Great service, fantastic coffee!

    I have order from Westside Barbell before ask the service department was on point and they did not let down this time either. Fast shipping and timely communication.

    Tried two different types of coffee and both will be purchased again in the future. Very high quality and great tasting.

    Awesome Coffee

    Extremely happy with the bold and smooth flavor of the coffee! Perfect before 6 am training sessions.