WSBB Coffee Costa Rica Light Roast

    WSBB Coffee Costa Rica Light Roast

    $ 15.00
    The Cover Story

    Louie Simmons is a HUGE fight fan, fight historian, especially in boxing. His ability to break down fights and analyze performances is only second to his abilities as a coach of all strengths.

    In a previous location, Westside Barbell had a boxing ring attached to it where the sparring matches were as grueling and bloody as the weight training happening next door.

    Louie loved to train boxing to build up his shoulders and front delts along with his G.P.P so naturally, he loved to work the heavy bag along with sparring anyone who wanted to jump in the ring with him.

    How Does it taste?

    This Coffee has a sweet solid body, dark chocolate, creamy honey body.

    Additional Cupping Notes:
    "Solid body and notes of delicate peach, with hints of dark chili chocolate with cracked sea salt and creamy golden honey aftertaste.

    Country: Costa Rica
    Region: Tarrazu
    Farm: San Ramon
    Variety: Caturra, Catuai
    Altitude: 1850 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)
    Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
    Processing: Fully Washed  


    The background story on these beans:  


    Costa Rican coffee beans are considered among the best in the world.  Grown in rich volcanic soil and high altitude make this one the finest coffees in the world and allowing them to be designated SHB-strictly hard bean, the highest classification in the Costa Rican system.

    The Tarrazu Province, where this coffee is from, has a reputation for producing the most desirable coffee beans in all of Costa Rica.  

    Tarrazú coffees have a special distinction because they only pick the ripest fruits which are known as the Sangre de Toro (Bull's blood) colored cherries.

    This level of attention from picking the beans to the processing creates an exceptional grade of coffee.


  • Type of Roast: Light Roast

  • Weight: 16oz

  • Coffee Type: Comes in both Whole Bean and Ground

  • Produced in conjunction with local businesses