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When the Hamstrings Become the Achilles Heel

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Henk Kraaijenhof has several decades of experience as a performance coach in a broad array of sports. He has worked with the following athletes: Neil Cooman, former world record holder and 60m world champion (1987, 1989); Merlene Ottey, 100m and 200m; Sandra Farmer-Patrick, 400m hurdles; Letitia Vriesde of Suriname, 800m (1:56 in 1995); Mohamad Al-Malki of Oman, 400m (44.56 in 1988; Patrick Stevens of Belgium, 200m; and Troy Douglas, 100m-400m

Kraaijenhof's experience extends to conditioning as well, having worked with Mary Pierce (2004) and soccer player Edgar Davids. He was a conditioning consultant for the Netherland's Olympic men's volleyball team (2000), Olympic men's field hockey team (2008), Oman Sail, Juventus Football Club (1997-1998), Vancouver Canucks (2011), and UKAthletics. He has also worked  as a mental  conditioning consultant for BBE, an elite unit of the Dutch Marine Corps.

Kraaijenhof has collaborated with Professor Carmelo Bosco on the development of the first vertical vibration platform (1998) and Dr. Marco Pozzo on the development of the first intelligent strength training machine Exentrix.

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