Westside Downloadable Seminars- Conjugate Method™
Westside Downloadable Seminars- Conjugate Method™

Westside Downloadable Seminars- Conjugate Method™

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In this 2 hour online seminar Louie Simmons answers the most frequently asked questions by coaches and athletes.

The below topics are discussed in detail:

  • Periodization
  • Shock Training
  • Jumping
  • Disproving Strength Training Myths
  • Conjugate System™
  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • Accessory Exercise and Selection
  • Westside For All Sports



  • Format: MP4

  • Requirements: Wifi is required for it to download

  • Suggestion: Download to your computer first before downloading to your phone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ramzan Mohamed
Conjugate for periodization

Division into Training Periods.
A7: The Plan: From a 400- to a 1000-Pound Squat.
A2: Changing Total Volume
A3: Band Bench Workout for Speed Strength....
Periodization by Percentages
Examples of a Three-Week Wave.
Change the Volume at the Same Intensity Zone.
Circa Max
Delayed Transformation Connecting Circa-Max Phase

Thomas Fitton

Westside Downloadable Seminars- Conjugate Method™

Bernd Stößlein
Very valuable information!

The audio and video quality is not the best, but the information is worth gold. So if you can overlook the aforementioned you will receive a lot, for a few bucks. Absolute investment!
Best Regards from Germany,
Bernd Stoesslein.

Michael Gonzalez
Training video seminars

Very informative and easy to understand! Also very user friendly to download!

Seara Wellman
Awesome info

My coached trained with Louie and makes me do all the stuff he talked about and it’s working. But it was nice to hear Louie talk about it.