Westside Barbell Strong Band

    Westside Barbell Strong Band

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     The Westside Barbell Strong Band can be used for squatting and the lightened method of benching. This band, when used in pairs, can add up to 250 pounds of resistance in the dead lift and squat. The Blue Strong Band is also a perfect tool to add variety to one of our favorite special exercises; the Good Morning.

    Bands offer a convenient means for accommodating resistance, and overspeed eccentrics, as well as a tool for assisting in body weight exercises such as the pull up or dip. Resistance bands, when hung turn into "assistance bands," and provide the only safe means for performing the future method for barbell lifts, one of the most effective methods of training for both RAW and geared lifters.

    Westside Barbell bands are made from natural latex and are color coded for convenience.


    ***Due to high volume your order may be fulfilled with unbranded bands. These are the same high quality bands as always.***

    Product Specifications
    Width2 ½"