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Westside Barbell Athletic Seminar Cleveland Ohio - February 4th

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Westside Barbell For Sports Seminar 

Early Bird Special $99-Normal Price $149


Old School Iron Gym

5139 W 140th St Brook Park, OH 44142

Seminar Outline

The Westside Barbell for Sport Seminar Series, is a unique learning opportunity to learn about the full spectrum of athletic training that is performed at Westside Barbell in your local gym. Westside Barbell’s Tom Barry and Jason Gusic, along with John Quint will be instructing a full seminar on executing effective athletic training using the Westside Barbell Methods developed by Louie Simmons. 

Topics and Sports Covered 

  • Overview of The Westside Barbell System of Training 
  • Westside Training Principles for M.M.A
  • Westside Training Principles For Football
  • Westside Training Principles For Track and Field
  • Westside Training Principles For Wrestling 
  • Restoring Function before movement 
  • The injury prevention fallacy 

  • Injury mitigation

  • Understanding soft tissue injury

  • Simplifying physical assessments of individuals to better guide training/treatment

  • Applying biological principles to training/treatment strategies


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