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War Wagon Barrow™

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Presenting one of the most rugged and versatile pieces of equipment that you will ever own. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Matt "The Immortal" Brown designed and manufactured the War Wagon Barrow™ so that he could maximize his training output in minimal time in order to accommodate his very busy schedule.

Wagon Barrow™ is a multi functional training apparatus that can be transformed from a standard wheel barrow into various other training tools within seconds by using its unique interchangeable handle system. (Attachments and more Information to be released soon)

The War Wagon Barrow™ can be used to develop the following

  • -Dynamic Strength Endurance
  • -Maximal Strength
  • -Grip Strength
  • -Increases General Physical Preparedness
  • -Core and Posterior Chain Development
  • -Anaerobic Threshold Training
  • -Much much more(Video Coming Soon)

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