WSBB Gym Equipment - Inverse Curl®
WSBB Gym Equipment - Inverse Curl®
WSBB Gym Equipment - Inverse Curl®

    WSBB Gym Equipment - Inverse Curl®

    $ 2,595.00

    The Inverse Curl® without  Storage is unique to the industry. The design makes it possible to do a leg curl correctly, with the support the athlete needs. To use the Inverse Curl With Storage, the athlete kneels on the pad and lets the arm support them when lowering and raising their upper body.

    The more weight added, the easier the exercise is to perform. The Inverse Curl machine makes it easy to customize the level of difficulty of the exercise so that the user can perform the exercise correctly.


    • Horizontal Slide Adjustment
    • Vertically Adjustable, Separate Top and Bottom Roller Pads
    • Heavy Toe Plate to Initiate Correct Firing Pattern
    • Adjustable Chest Roller Pad Height
    • Adjustable Start/Stop Position
    • Heavy gauge steel frame
    • Steel-shot blasted for maximum powder coat adhesion
    • 4-step electrostatic powder coat process
    • Custom color options available
    • Pop pin adjustments
    • Made in USA

    When you buy from us you not only buy from the original and premium manufactures of the Westside Barbell™ products but you also gain access to our coaches and our knowledge on strength training, rehab, and overall athletic performance. NO OTHER company can say or do the same.

    Shipping Info

    Please allow for 16 weeks to ship.

    *Canceled equipment orders are subject to a restocking fee.*

    Key Features
    • Assembled / Made in USA Assembled / Made in USA
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions: 64″ H x 73″ W x 58″ D
    • Weight: 341Lbs
    • Frame: 3"×2" 11-Gauge Tube
    • Black Upholstery Is Standard