WSBB Books - Supertraining by  Mel Siff
WSBB Books - Supertraining by  Mel Siff

WSBB Books - Supertraining by Mel Siff

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Perhaps the most complete book on strength training ever written! Covers explosive strength, power, speed training, plyometrics, loading, flexibility, circuit training, periodization, weightlifting and much more.

"I had the pleasure to know Mel and entertain him at Westside Barbell and was his co-speaker at training seminars. I am honored to have my combination training method listed in Supertraining. This book is a must for a P.H.D. who really wants to learn the truth about training. Supertraining will open your eyes into the views of Y.V. Verkhoshansky, a true genius in the field of sports training. I truly learned the value of kinetic energy leading to my own research about over speed eccentrics and optimal eccentrics plus Mel finally got it through my head, the importance of training optimally. I will never forget what Dr. Siff taught me. "

Louie Simmons


  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 592
  • Weight: 3.15lb
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, This book looks into the extensive biomechanical and physiological research to offer invaluable information on all aspects of strength training. Including explosive strength power and speed, plyometrics and powermetrics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
A little early for a review, but...

Asking for a review of Supertraining two weeks after I ordered it is funny. It'll take me at least a year to read and absorb this massive tome (which is basically a college textbook). I had already read the Book of Methods and The Conjugate Method, so this was a good next step, but still a big leap in terms of complexity. That being said, this book is hard to find, looks packed with good data, and I can already see where it influenced Louie. Good price too when compared with Amazon.

J.S. Van Rijsoort
Super training BY Mell Siff

Very good book
A special thanks to westside Barbell for this super fast delivery from the USA to The Netherlands wich is in Europe
I highly recommend to buy from Westside Barbell
JS van Rijsoort

Jason Thai
Great service/Book Review

Order was processed quickly. Books arrived in time. Excellent service. Thank you.

This is a book that I am carrying everywhere. This is a one stop shop for all required information related to physical development. I would recommend “special strength training for coaches” as well with this book as a more practical complement.

Wyatt Cox


Adrien Downey
Westside educational materials

The library is truly amazing. WSB has always been humble and enthusiastic about crediting other authors, scientists, athletes, etc. who have influenced their methods and outcomes. It's great to see them making some of those great building blocks like Supertraining available to the public at a reasonable price. A lot of these books are pretty dang hard to find elsewhere. I bought a lot of books here this year and will continue to. The shipping prices are high compared to larger book distributors, but they run sales and bundles pretty often, so if there's something you really want, keep an eye on it for a couple months and it will probably drop into your price range. (Another note on shipping: it has always been fast and every book I've gotten was in perfect condition. No bent edges or water damage on paperbacks.)