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 Numerous studies have shown that strengthening the hamstrings will reduce hamstring and knee injuries. There are correct and incorrect ways to train the hamstrings, and only a handful of products offer the very best training results. The Standing Leg Curl machine from Westside Barbell by Dynamic allows the user to use proper form when training the hamstrings by stabilizing the knee and hip regions during the curl. Our Standing Leg Curl™ features a solid-welded frame, foam/rubber grip handles and a large, vinyl-covered roller pad.

Two industrial grade Pillow Block Bearings and an auto-adjust pivoting roller provide ultra-smooth movement throughout the entire range of motion for users of all sizes. The Standing Leg Curl™ has a small footprint and is manufactured in the USA. By itself it is a phenomenal tool for bodybuilders wishing to increase isolated hamstring size and strength. For athletic speed, explosive leg power and injury prevention to the knee and hamstring areas, it is best used in conjunction with Reverse Hyper™, Inverse Curl™ and Belt Squat Machines™ for total Posterior Chain strengthening.


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