Special Strength Development For All Sports
Special Strength Development For All Sports
Special Strength Development For All Sports

    Special Strength Development For All Sports

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    After 4 years of compiling data, gathering information, writing and editing Louie Simmons has finally released Special Strength Development For All Sports.

    Between the covers you will have access to the most comprehensive, advanced and up to date special strength training methodology currently available. Everything presented in this book is derived from over 40 years of research and athletic experiments by Louie Simmons within the walls of his private gym/athletic laboratory, Westside Barbell.

    Special Strength Development For All Sports covers EVERYTHING a serious coach/athlete requires in their pursuit of excellence and of course the pursuit of reaching Full Athletic Potential.The book also has contributions from various performance specialists ranging from Nutrition, Rehab, Combat Sports and more...

    Please take a look at our chapter list below and pictures above to see what to expect from Louie Simmons latest masterpiece

    Introduction: The Conjugate System

    Chapter 1:The Role of Strength in Sports


    Chapter 3:Conjugate System

    Chapter 4:Contrast and Reactive Methods

    Chapter 5:Periodization – Division into Training Periods

    Chapter 6:General Physical Preparedness

    Chapter 7:Olympic Lifting

    Chapter 8:Training For Combative Sports and Arts

    Chapter 9:Sports Nutrition and Hydration

    Chapter 10:Restoration and Recovery Methods

    Chapter 11:Age and Long-Term Planning

    "This book is intended for the serious coach and athlete. You'll learn while reading it that the Westside System is a combination of the former Soviet Union system, the Bulgarian system and the Westside Conjugate system. Brought together and refined, the result is the Westside System, which brings you a sophisticated method to reach the zenith of your sport. Soviet sports scientists and the information they collected from their programs and then provided in magazine articles and books made it possible for me to learn about their techniques and perfect my own. Scientists such as Zatsiorsky, Verkhoshansky, B. Tabachnik, P. Komi, Dr. Matveyev, Dr. Bondarchuk, Bosco, Berger, Vorobyev, Romanov, Schmolinsky, and many more – too many to list – played a role in my own strength education. A special thanks to Dr. Mel Siff, a great friend and supporter. I write this book in his memory and with deep affection for Mel and what he taught me over the years"


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