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Olympic Weightlifting Conjugate Crate™

$ 175.00 $ 220.00


Product Details

Our conjugate-crates™ are the perfect gift idea for the up coming holiday season. Each one is hand fulfilled at Westside Barbell HQ and each crates content is picked by the strength guru himself Louie Simmons. This crate is aimed for Olympic Weightlifting Athlete/Coach or Enthusiast. 

Whats Inside ? 

  1. Westside Barbell Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual Paperback Edition
  2. Four Westside Barbell Mini (Red) Bands
  3. One Westside Barbell Floss Band
  4. One Westside Barbell Bumper Sticker
  5. Managing The Training of Weightlifters by Laputin and Oleshko
  6. Weightlifting and Age by Dvorkin
  7. The Training of the Weightlifter by Roman 
  8. A System Of Multiyear Training in Weightlifting by Medvedyev 


    Crate Specs

    • Wooden Crate Dimensions 12.25 x 9.5 x 18 inches (W x H x L)
    • Comprised of Pine Wood 
    • Made in the USA 
    • Weight 20lb
    For shipping purposes and the safety of your products the crates may look slightly different than the picture show. However with minimal re-arranging they can be adjusted as soon as you pull the crate out of the box.

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