Low Back Developer

    $ 4,100.00

    A classic staple in the gym, The Lat Pull Down. Our combination Lat Pull and Low Row will handle nearly all of your upper body training needs, and particular one has been referred to by many as "The best Lat Pull on the market." So upon hearing this we put one inside the time tested walls of Westside Barbell for assessment- and we agree. It is in use nearly every training session here. 

    The dual pulleys up top allow for numerous iso-lateral exercises, as well as two arm pulls and extensions, and the option for seated low rows on the ground maximize floor space. These options coupled with the standard 300 lbs weight stack, with band pegs included, make this the preferred option for our needs- and we feel will cover your needs as well. 

    Built to the highest quality standards and available in any of our standard frame and upholstery color options, Pull down bar and a close grip handle attachment are included. Optional Upgrades available as well. 

    Manufactured by: USA Strength & Performance.

    Dimensions: 34"W x 63"L x 93"T (ships assembled)