General Adaptation
General Adaptation
General Adaptation

    General Adaptation

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    Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky- "General Adaptation Syndrome and its Application to the Sports Training". The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) is a concept formulated in 1938 by the Austro-Hungarian physiologist Hans Selye. GAS was proposed as universal mechanism of the organism's adaptation to the external environment changes.

    This concept was elaborated on the basis of H.Selye's discovery of stress syndrome – the non-specific organism's reaction to the influence of diverse damaging factors, such as: intoxications with sub lethal doses of drugs, surgical injury, exposure to cold and excessive muscular exercise.

    In 1975, a group of Russian scientists, headed by professor L. Garkavi, confirmed the legitimacy of such criticism.

    Garkavi's group replicated the experiments of Selye in order to verify the organism's reactions on the influence of external stimuli having different "magnitudes".

    The aim of the presentation is:

    - to provide useful information on the GAS concept and its role in the process of body adaptation during sport training

    - to outline the new ways in applying this concept on the training practice