Double Barrel
Double Barrel
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    Double Barrel


    This is the Mac Daddy of ammonia inhalants. Its BIGGER, BADDER, and kicks like a mule. The monster-sized bottle contains TWICE as much ammonia as our large-sized bottles.

    Double Barrell is essentially three products in one. You can use the smaller of the two compartments, which is scented similar to the popular “Cold Cocked” mint edition, you can use the larger compartment by itself as regular “Skull Smash”, or you can get very intense and use both barrels at the same time!

    Finally, and it's a big one, use both barrels, and “pull the trigger” by squeezing the bottle and you be better ready because this gives you one nasty jolt of reality.

    This is another top-notch product brought you by our friend's over at Skull Smash which is a veteran-owned company.


    This Product Contains Ammonia and is only recommended to use as an inhalant before crushing a lift. If you are unsure about using this product please contact a medical advisor. NOT FOR CHILDREN! DO NOT INGEST!