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Deadlift Jack

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We've all been there. You expend so much energy tring to load up the bar for deadlifts that you need to rest before you can start. Even if you roll the bar up onto a 5 pound plate, it's either going to roll off or you won't be able to get the plates tight and they'll flop over. Our Deadlift Jack makes loading and unloading the bar easy. Just hook it under the bar and pull backon the handle. Add your plates then raise the handle to put the par back on the ground.

To keep shipping costs in check, our deadlift jack bolts together.

The standard model fits a standard IPF bar and will work on wider bars. For all you strongman who deadlift with an "axle", this jack will easily accommodate a bar up to 2 inches in diameter. (We have revised the hooks and they are wider than those shown in the photos).

Our Deadlift Jack is now "new and improved." We started with a clean sheet of paper an redesigned the Deadlift Jack to make it more user friendly. Some of the improvements include:

Added a hand gripLengthed handle for increased leverage to reduce the effort required to lift a loadThe pivot is now round tubing instead of squareBar cradle is taller to make it easier to hook under the barThree points of contact make it stable on uneven groundIncreased rearward angle of uprights when "parked" to ensure jack doesn't tip forward unexpectedly.

We managed to make all these improvements without sacrificing any of the strength or functionality of the jack. It will still handle all the weight you can fit on the bar, so load it up and go for that PR.

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