WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle
WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

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All of Louie Simmon's publications are bundled together for you at a heavily discounted rate! 

What Do You Get?

  1. Special Strengths Development For All Sports
  2. Book of Methods
  3. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping
  5. Bench Press Manual
  6. Strength Manual For Running
  7. Squat and Deadlift Manual
  8. The Iron Samurai
  9. Throwers Guide to Strength Training
  10. The Rule of Three
  11. The Conjugate Method


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 178 reviews
    Dane Noguchi
    Awesome Books

    The books arrived earlier than expected. I’m learning great tips and technique from the Bench and Squat and Deadlift Manuals. I couldn’t pass up on the whole volume of books to get a peek into the mindset and teachings of the Great Louis Simmons! Such a great value!

    Christoph Troesch

    Very interesting concept that isn't taught at my university

    Lee H
    Great Books!

    Interesting read and great information! Anyone would benefit from this bundle. Delivery was prompt!

    Jussi Uusitalo
    WSBB Bundles

    All the Westside books! Must have books for meatheads

    Frank Daugherty
    Louies Book Bundle

    Got the whole set on sale. Yes, I had a couple before, but for the price worth doubling up. This way I can share the knowledge with others.