Bigger Bench Bundle

    Bigger Bench Bundle

    $ 55.00 $ 120.00

      Buy the Bench Press Manual, Bench Press Secrets and Bench Press Workouts DVD in a neat and great affordable bundle!

      Get a great collection of informative and instructional materials in the form of the book Bench Press Manual and the DVD:sBench Press Secrets and Bench Press Workouts.

      1: Bench Press Manual: Over 70 pages on the most effective training methods and how to execute them. It covers all aspects of bench press training.

      2: Bench Press Secrets: This video is the 3rd in Louie's secrets series and has already been updated to include more recent workouts done by the Westside gang! Louie discusses the correct form of benching. Learn how to bench and special exercises to improve weak areas. This tape shows weight releasers, chains, bands, board presses, pin presses, and extension work. You will see a dynamic bench workout done on speed day at Westside. Approximately 1hr long.

      3: Bench Press Workouts: This tape shows both max effort and dynamic workouts from Westside with benching using chains, bands, floor press and other special routines to improve your bench total. It also shows extensions and other triceps work or exercises for your weak areas