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Sled Workouts
Conjugate Method Exercise Programming GPP Training

Sled Workouts

The sled is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment an athlete or coach can have at their di...
Four Weeks to an Overhead Press PR: Week 2
Conjugate Method Max Effort Overhead Press

Four Weeks to an Overhead Press PR: Week 2

It is now week two of the four-week plan. Last week, the strict press was the main exercise of th...
Good morning exercise lift at Westside Barbell
Conjugate Method Exercise Programming Good Morning Training

The Good Morning Exercise

The good morning is a tremendous benefit to any athlete needing posterior chain strength and trun...
Four Weeks to an Overhead Press PR: Week 1
Conjugate Method Overhead Press Strongman

Four Weeks to an Overhead Press PR: Week 1

If you are a strongman competitor and are struggling to improve your abilities, consider the Conj...
Westside Barbell Deadlift Variation Guide
Deadlift Deadlift Training Lower Body

Westside Barbell Deadlift Variation Guide

One exercise that plays a central role in any Conjugate Method program is the deadlift. We utiliz...


Westside Barbell has two aspects...

The Gym
The Business

The Gym

Louie Simmons founded Westside Barbell, a strength training gym in Columbus, Ohio, in 1976. Our gym is considered one of the world's most innovative and successful strength training facilities. It is known for using the conjugate method, a strength training system that emphasizes the rotation of exercises and variations to avoid overuse injuries and continually challenge the athlete.

Our gym has produced many world-class powerlifters, coaches, and athletes that have set numerous world records and won multiple national and international championships. Westside has also been a leader in developing and refining the conjugate method.

We are well-known for our firm commitment to scientific research, cited material references, and applying physics, biomechanics, and physiology principles to strength training.

Louie Simmons was widely recognized as the strength coaches, strength coach. Louie's contributions to the field of strength training have influenced and inspired athletes, coaches, and trainers worldwide. On March 24th, 2022, Louie Simmons passed away, leaving the direction of the gym and business under the guidance of his most trusted student Tom Barry.

The Business

Westside Barbell is a strength training education company operated by Tom Barry and his team. Its primary goal is to preserve and build upon the educational legacy laid by its founder Louie Simmons.


The purpose of is to provide information and resources related to the strength training methodologies and philosophy developed by Louie Simmons, Tom Barry, and the Westside Barbell community.

The website serves as a hub for those interested in learning more about the conjugate method and its applications to general training, athletes, powerlifting, grappling, combat sports, football, and other sports and forms of strength and performance training.

Each of our content team members has over ten years of strength and conditioning experience. They provide accurate and straightforward strength training education to those who want to reduce weakness and gain the strength of knowledge and body. Finally, our website acts as a community notice board between our gym and the community we serve.


Here, users enjoy a wealth of information and resources for those interested in strength training, including Westside Barbell programs, articles, videos, equipment, and community forums.

The Blog

Our blog is a free resource of strength guides, bench, squat, and deadlift breakdowns/tips, club and athlete history, training reflection, and athlete training diaries.



Deepen your conjugate training method understanding by taking one of our courses, watching our digital seminars, reading our books, or downloading some of our workout plans.



Here, you will find premium apparel, training accessories such as bands, chalk and smelling salts, drinkware, banners, and other quality items. Our merchandise reflects our strength training education, thus ensuring we carefully pick quality items.



Learn About The Conjugate Method

For someone new to strength training or unfamiliar with the conjugate method, the Westside Barbell website is a great resource to learn more about this approach to strength training. The site provides detailed information on the principles of the conjugate method and a wealth of articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on related topics.

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Access Training Programs

For someone who wants to use the conjugate method in their training, the Westside website offers a range of downloadable Westside Barbell training programs and templates.

Purchase Training Equipment

The Westside Barbell store offers a range of strength training equipment, accessories, and apparel for those looking to invest in their strength training.

Connect With The Strength Training Community

The Westside Barbell website provides a platform for the strength training community to connect and discuss exercise, equipment, and other related topics via our blog comment section on every published article. Whether you're a seasoned strength athlete or just starting, the site provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded training advocates and learn from their experiences.