Westside Barbell Average Band
Westside Barbell Average Band
Westside Barbell Average Band
Westside Barbell Average Band

Westside Barbell Average Band

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The Westside Barbell Average band can be used for squatting and reverse benching. A pair of Green Average Bands can add upwards of 150 lbs to the deadlift.

Bands offer a convenient means for accommodating resistance, and Overspeed eccentrics, as well as a tool for assisting in bodyweight exercises such as the pull-up or dip. Resistance bands, when hung turn into "assistance bands," and provide the only safe means for performing the future method for barbell lifts, one of the most effective methods of training for both RAW and geared lifters.

Westside Barbell bands are made from natural latex and are color-coded for convenience.

Westside Barbell Bands are priced and sold as individual bands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
John Will
Great Bands

Got the mini bands and green average band. Mini bands work great for bench and deadlift, average bands work great for squat. Quality product

Thomas Davis
Westside Barbell green bands

I used them the very next day at the gym in the power rack really love them can see them helping my bench I will be ordering the blue bands in the near future

Rob McNutt
Thanks, Tom, and everyone at WSB

Cannot adequately express how grateful I am to see Lou's legacy live on
through his business and available services to the public. I trained with the night crew
Mon/Fri from Jul '08 - Sep '10 and will forever hold Lou and WSB in the highest regard. Thank you!

rodney vallecillo
Always the best

Always get everything in a timely way, RIP Louie 👊🏼💪🏼👍🏼

Finley Teal

Always excellent