Ultimate Beginner Book and DVD Bundle

    Ultimate Beginner Book and DVD Bundle

    $ 80.00 $ 160.00

      This is the ultimate introduction into Westside Barbell training system and it contains 5 top titles! These normally sells for $190.


      • The Books Of Methods
      • Bench Press Manual
      • Squat And Deadlift Manual
      • G.P.P DVD
      • Explosive Power Training DVD

      The Book Of Methods

      This book is a collection of training methods I have obtained through the past 30 years. I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western periodization that is a dead end street. I use a 3 week wave system that leads to circa max and delayed transformation. The soviet system I started 30 years ago prolonged my career to the point where I made top 10 lifts at 54 years old. It has enabled Westside lifters to break 100 plus world records and has helped countless more.  I am proud my resume is never up to date. Why? Because I constantly break new records all the time, check out our top lifts in the back of the book and then check out our website for correct records. You will be amazed!

      Squat and Deadlift Manual

      There are 173 pages on the most effective training methods which are based on science and proven by results. The book includes topics such as:    Best method for both lifts

      •     Most productive mini-cycles
      •     Preparing for competition
      •     Mastering technique
      •     Eliminating weaknesses
      •     Raise your GPP and SPP

      Bench Manual

      You will read about:

      • Sample workouts for each day
      • Bench Press Technique
      • How to master a bench shirt
      • Training raw bench
      • Much more!

      Explosive Power Training DVD

      Learn how the Dynamic Method is used for sports like football. With short 40 second rest intervals to condition the athletes' while building explosive strength by using box squats correctly, along with accommodating resistance. This is followed by the key to immense power, the sumo deadlift, plus special exercises for the posterior chain that really work.

      Next, a dynamic bench workout and once again, short rest periods that resemble a football game along with special exercises and how to really bench correctly. Next up is GPP work with sled work of all types. Battling chains, ropes and Indian clubs are used for healthy shoulders for pre or rehab.

      Last but not least, a jumping section. The section demonstrates some basic plyometics and moving on to resistance jumping for max effort sports like MMA, football, Rugby weight and powerlifting. If you follow the guidelines in the DVD you can reduce a lineman's 40-yard dash by .02 seconds just like Westside does every time.

      Running time: Approximately 135 minutes.

      General Physical Preparedness DVD

      (G.P.P) is the training base that is the difference between becoming an Average athlete or a Great athlete. The unique information shared by Louie Simmons in this DVD provide's a fundamental foundation for the development of Fitness,Flexibility, Agility, Balance,Mobility, Strength and more,Lots More.

      The exercises and principles bestowed by Louie are based on his continuing lifelong research on Optimal Athletic Development. The findings and knowledge provided are backed up by Science, Bio-Mechanics and Mathematics not to mention the abundance of unrivaled Athletic Results. This DVD will provide information on how to build a balanced platform for young athletes to launch a high level sports career upon. It will also provide information to the older well established athlete on how to ensure a healthy injury free training career.

      This DVD is a must for any coach or athlete who wants to bring there training and athleticism from the depths of the dark ages and into the future of Optimal training and Maximal Results.