WSBB Coffee - Colombia Medium Roast - Organic

    WSBB Coffee - Colombia Medium Roast - Organic

    $ 15.00
    Quick Stats
    • Colombia-Medium Roast-Organic
    • Net Weight 16oz
    • Wholebean and ground available 
    • Produced in conjunction with local businesses 

    The Cover Story

    The infamous coffee wooden crate is used for one of the most soul-sucking but serious strength-building exercises there is, namely the 10"deficit deadlift.

    To make sure nobody's toes get smashed on the eccentric portion, Louie would utilize the cambered bench bar to allow for a 'toe safe' range of motion.

    How Does it taste?

    This Coffee has a caramel, sweet chocolate, bright medium body.
    Additional Cupping Notes: "Medium-high body with bright acidity,  sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma.

    Country: Colombia   
    Region: Pitaliot, Huila
    Farm: Los Nogales
    Variety: Caturra 
    Altitude: 1650 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) 
    Processing: Hand-Picked, Fully Washed, Sun-Dried
    Certifications: USDA ORGANIC - Ecocert, Kosher

    The background story on these beans:  

    Direct trade from a family-owned farm.  These beans are hand-picked to ensure top quality by a family that has been producing coffee for generations. 

    This producer grew up in a family that truly values their ancestry, culture and the lands they tend to.  Family values have instilled such a passion for coffee, which is needed because being a coffee producer is a 24 hour a day job and extremely hard work.  This isn’t well recognized by the everyday coffee consumer. 

    Huila is framed by the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with most of it sitting in the Magdalena Valley.

    This provides great variation in climate: according to the FNC, temperatures on farms vary from 17°C (62.5°F) to 23°C (73.5°F).  Most of these farms are between 1,200 and 1,800 m.a.s.l. They also benefit from the nitrogen-rich volcanic soil.


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    Customer Reviews

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