WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled

WSBB Unruly Weight Sled

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The WSBB™ Unruly Sled is a raw steel American Made beast, coming in at just under 26lbs. The detachable weight horn is perfect for not only gym owners, but garage gym dwellers as well who battle spatial constraints.

At Westside Barbell, sled work is a staple from warm-up, cool down, and accessories in between.

Note this sled comes with: 1x bolt and nut to secure the weight horn in place

Straps Sold Separately

With it, one can perform a bevy of exercises from conditioning, to compound, and isolation movements.

Lower Body Session Activation Sled Protocol:

  • Sled Pull x3 Trips (60m down and back = 1 trip)
  • Reverse Sled Pull x2 Trips
  • Sled Pull Through x1 Trip

Upper Body Session Activation Sled Protocol:

  • Sled Chest Press x3 Trips (60m down and back = 1 trip)
  • Sled Row x2 Trips
  • Sled Upright Row x1 Trip
  • Sled Overhead Tricep Extension x1 Trip

**Only Ships within the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Ugly, Simple & Effective.

It's not pretty. Instead of trying to make it "fashionable", like some companies do, WSBB focused on utility.
And that's what matters.
It does the job down to a T and is sturdy as hell. And is even pretty quiet on concrete, compared to other sleds I've used.
Never change WSBB, never change.

I've never examined a tank but...

I've never examined a tank but I assume that if I did it would be comparable to the Unruly Weight Sled. I purchased this sled to allow me more freedom to choose where I train and this sled has been comfortable on every surface. Great sled for a great way to train.

Robert Steburg

Awesome sled nothing fancy about it just throw some weight on and get to work!!! The order process was easy was updated on delivery and came on time. WESTSIDE forever!

Adam Bridenthal

WSBB Unruly Weight Sled

James Coull
Rough and ready

First of all, there's no finish on it, and it's not pretty. But that doesn't matter. This sled could get run over by a tank, and still come out in the the same shape as it started. I can't see it ever wearing out, with the thickness of the steel that was used. I really like it, an can see my self using it until the coming of the apocalypse.

Well worth the money, it's a real solid piece.