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Beard Stuff

Got a beard? You need beard products. 

Its stop itching, promotes healthier, manlier and fuller beards. All our products are made by The Bearded Bastard who makes legendary beard grooming products in a range of adventurous scents. 

Each product is hand made in Austin Texas from premium natural ingredients. And just look like Westside Barbell The Bearded Bastard products are often imitated but never duplicated!

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Barbershop Beard Oil Quick View

Barbershop Beard Oil

$ 35.00

Let us transport you back to your childhood, to those Saturday morning trips with your Dad. The small brass bell above the door chimed softly as...
Opium Den Beard Oil Quick View

Opium Den Beard Oil

$ 35.00

Delightfully intoxicating, our Opium Den Beard Oil is as fragrant and inviting as an Eastern market, yet laced with the dark richness of fine toba...
Woodsman Beard Oil Woodsman Beard Oil Quick View

Woodsman Beard Oil

$ 20.00

The original Woodsman Beard Oil is made of the finest natural ingredients for facial hair that we could find. It has a woodsy scent to it that w...
Woodsman Beard Balm Quick View

Woodsman Beard Balm

$ 24.00

There are times when fly away whiskers need to be reigned in. And for those who love the popular Woodsman scent but need a little more control in ...
Opium Den Beard Balm Quick View

Opium Den Beard Balm

$ 26.00

The same conditioning ingredients as our Opium Den Beard Oil, along with lanolin, beeswax and shea butter to reign in wild beards. Whether you j...
Woodsman Mustache Wax Quick View

Woodsman Mustache Wax

$ 14.00

Upon opening the tin you can almost imagine yourself axe in hand, breathing in crisp, clean mountain air, and greeting the day as if you owned it....