Westside Powerlifting Morning Crew-Max Effort Upper Body Workout December 21st 2016

Posted by Guy Ferrelli


Main lift

3 board bench press


* Weighted push-ups 3 sets of 10 reps (45 pound plates on back)

* Lat pull downs 3 sets of 20 

* Weighted dips 3 sets of 5 (heavy)

* Shrugs 5 sets of 20

* Medicine ball abs 

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  • My son played college football and after four years of strength training (injury prevention) he started Westside with me and has put 50 on his bench almost 100 on squat and deadlift each.
    Before he looked like over fed bear from zoo.Now he’s lookin like a athlete! Without injuring himself Maybe the team in Westside’s town needs to hire Westside so they quit getting whipped upfront when it really matters.Ill bet a Westside sweatshirt that the teams that whip them upfront use some sort of conjugate form of training!

    Billy Hastings on
  • At 50 thought squatting days were over as well as deadlifting after ruptured quad tendon and horrible knee injury to same leg started with body weight squats to box now back to very respectable weights in both exercises moved stance out wide way less stress on joint and tendon.Westside program works especially after injury and even after 50.Oh even the bench is past the raw 4 plate barrier.
    If your thinking about trying Westside just DO IT ! It works

    Billy Hastings on
  • Hi I just wanted to ask about accessory lifts the day after and how often I should do them based on these workouts posted here, I have been doing west side for awhile but on upper body days I would do two exercises for the triceps, then Lats, then one for the shoulders sometimes two, and then abs with no extra work the following day

    Kyle Lemieux on

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