• Hub

    Can you add more written podcasts, please!

  • Brad

    Just a correction to the transcript for those who didn’t listen to the audio: at 2:57 Louie says he “lived on good mornings.” The transcript states that he “never done good mornings.” A bit of a difference. :)

  • matt

    I have followed many ideas from westside for a long time. One thing I have never seen in your articles is addressing sled pulling (forward) with the point of attachment on the waist versus with a posterior attachment on the trunk with a harness. I can see some benefit to it (more abdominal recruitment), but also some cons as well such as more loading of the spine, and a tendency to curl the trunk forward. I never see you guys using harnesses. Do you guys have any takes on this? Thanks!

  • That Guy

    Fantastic, love these. You talk about fundamentals? Well, I’ve heard maybe all of this before, but you tend to forget. You tend to go off and do your thing, get lazy… Listening to Louis and John and the likes are my fundamentals work when it comes to knowledge. Keep these coming!

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