Westside Barbell Podcast Episode 21 - Louie Simmons reveals how he overcame his injuries to succeed

Posted by Tom Barry on

In this podcast Louie Simmons reveals in detail how he rehabbed from multiple career ending injuries to become stronger than ever.

Today Louie is joined by John Quint who provides a more detailed physiological breakdown of how these injuries occurred and how the Reverse Hyper™, Inverse Curl™ and Athletic Training Platform™ play a crucial role in the recover process.

Stay Strong




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  • Hi great podcast!
    quick question, which is the best way to incorporate the conjugate system for an in-season professional rugby player? I play every Saturday, train gym Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. We have rugby specific training with a lot of running 2-3 times a week on Tuesday/Thursday. I am 28 10 years of weight training in rugby. I was thinking of doing 2 full body days Tuesday/ Thursday with near maximal effort Tuesday and dynamic Thursday.

    James Penman on

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