Episode 37 - Louie Simmons talks with Dan Green

by Westside Barbell on March 05, 2019

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Louie sits down with world-known powerlifter Dan Green.

Dan’s best meet total in the 242’s is 2210lb, and best pulls in the gym are an 881lb sumo and a 900lb conventional. In this episode, they discuss the difference (if any) when it comes to bodybuilding vs. powerlifting in terms of volume for strength maintenance.

Additionally, they go into depth when it comes to deadlift philosophy, rep ranges, and cues.

We hope you enjoy!

Westside Barbell

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by Jarl Nerdrum on March 10, 2019

With the new 33% of band tension for dynamic days are you seeing that explosiveness is decreasing at all due to it being a slower lift or are you decreasing the bar weight during different cycles to maintain speed?