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Gym Bio:

"At Sweatt Shop Personal Training, it is our mission to provide each and every client with the most unique, innovative, and individualized fitness program possible.  We strive for one thing:  Results.  Sweatt Shop trainers Shane and Laura Sweatt have taken their 17 years combined experience and coupled it with their vast knowledge of human performance acquired through working with some of the finest coaches and athletes in the world to create the ultimate training facility.  Our goal is to help as many people possible achieve their quest for optimal health through proper physical training, nutrition, and education.  The atmosphere we have created combined with our true passion for performance fitness will ensure that yours is a truly effective, positive experience!"


Laura Phelps Sweatt-

Laura is an ISSA certified personal trainer with 7 years of personal training experience. Laura graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2002 with a degree in Health Promotion. Laura is a professional powerlifter having broken world records 17 times in her three year career. She currently has the highest total of all-time by formula, marking her the strongest female powerlifter in history. Before powerlifting, Laura had 14 years of gymnastics experience and also ran several mini-marathons and 2 full marathons.

  • 2004 NPC GNC BodyRock (bodybuilding competition): lightweight and overall winner
  • 2005 APF Chicago Summer Bash (powerlifting): 165 lb women' s open class winner
  • 2005 APF Great Lakes Open (powerlifting): 165 lb women's open class and best female lifter winner
  • 2005 WPO Semi Finals (powerlifting): all-time women's record squat in the 165 lb class (683 lb. squat)
  • 2006 APF Ohio State Championships (powerlifting): all-time women's record squat in the 181 lb class (725 lb. squat)
  • 2006 WPO Finals at the Arnold Classic (powerlifting): all-time record squat and all-time record total in the 165 lb class (705 lb. squat and 1581 lb. total)
  • 2006 APF Middletown, Ohio Championships (powerlifting): all-time WORLD record squat (725lb's) in the 165 lb class. Benched 415 lb's, and Deadlifted 510 lb's, and Totaled 1650lb's (All-Time World Record), and first American Woman to Total 10x bodyweight.
  • 2006 APF "Leave No Record Unbroken" Meet in Fremont, Ohio (powerlifting): All-Time World Record Bench - 465lb's at 178.3 lbs bodyweight.
  • 2007 APF Ohio State Championships: All-Time World Record squat and total in the 181lb. class (770 lb. squat and 1720 lb. total at 169 lb. bodyweight)
  • 2008 IPA Ironhouse Classic: All-Time World Record squat in the 165 lb. class (730 lb. squat)
  • 2008 Lexen In-House Classic: All-Time World Record squat and total in the 165 lb. class (740 lb. squat and 1720 lb. total)
  • 2008 IPA Powerstation Pro-am: All-Time World Record Bench Press in the 165 lb. class (465 lb. bench press)

Shane Sweatt-

Shane is an ISSA certified personal trainer with over 10 years of personal training experience working with people young and old, and of all fitness levels. Shane has sixteen years of martial arts experience, and is also a former USCF category 2 cyclist and experienced tri-athlete. Shane has extensive experience in sports specific weight and conditioning training, including powerlifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, tae-kwondo, football, and more. His powerlifting athletes have broken over 15 world records. Since working with Shane, some of his mixed martial arts athletes have advanced from the amateur to the professional ranks and have been featured in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), IFL (International Fight League), all the top and most highly publicized Mixed Martial Arts organizations in the world. Shane's athletes have been featured in such magazines as Powerlifting USA, FLEX, Triathlete, Parrillo Performance, and on several cable channels, such as SpikeTV and HD Net





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  • Hello,

    I have an Ironmind Rolling Thunder Forearm Deadlift training setup I am looking to sell and am contacting local strength gyms for interest in purchasing the setup prior to listing the setup online.

    The setup is for training single arm hand, wrist, and forearm strength and is essentially a super effective way to increase lower arm strength using Olympic plates.

    • Ironmind Rolling Thunder forearm deadlift trainer – Retail $79.99
    • Ironmind 15” Olympic Plate Loading Pin w/ included heavy duty carabiner – Retail $56.99
    • Small chain length
    • Extra wooden block pinch grip trainer

    I am looking for $100 for all this equipment and am open to offers as well.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this setup and thank you for your time.


    Hunter on

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