Old School Iron Gym

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Gym Bio

Old School Iron Gym is a 12,000 square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio. We feature over one hundred pieces of equipment, including Hammer Strength machines, dumbbells to 200lbs, 4 custom power racks, 4 mono-lifts, 4 deadlift platforms, 2 belt squat machines, back attack, specialty bars, chains and bands, strongman equipment, glute hamstring developer and 3 reverse hypers including the bent pendulum and dual pendulum. Also included is the new Inverse Curl and Hip/Thigh developer, Hip/Ab Developer, Plyo-swing and single leg curl. Another key feature is an indoor turf area that is 2800sq ft. and is used for conditioning and agility.

For example: plyo jumps/hurdles, agility ladder work, sled work, pushing Prowlers, battle ropes and ½”, 3/8” and 5/8” battle chains!! We also feature a Westside Barbell Certified coach along with other certified trainers.

Another unique part of the gym is we have our own clothing line and we print everything on site. You can even customize what you would like printed! “Old School Iron” has been named one of the top training facilities in the country by “BodyBuilding.Com” and is named a Certified Westside Barbell Gym by Louie Simmons.

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