Applied Strength & Conditioning

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Applied Strength & Conditioning

1050 Broadway #42

Chesterton IN 46304



Gym Bio

Applied Strength & Conditioning is a “no frills gym opened in May of 2009, by Westside’s own Jason Gusic. ASC, as its commonly referred to, hit Westside’s radar in 2012, after some research was done regarding the strength & conditioning work being done for combat sports out there, Jason and his facility were evaluated by Louie Simmons and Tom, Barry and after successfully passing the Special Strengths Certificate Exam in 2013 Applied Strength & Conditioning received the stamp of approval and became a Westside Certified Gym. Jason’s knowledge of the Westside Methods and use of equipment lead us to hiring him full time as our national sale’s manager, he has also become one half of the Westside Barbell Seminar Team, alongside Tom Barry.

The gym itself is only about 3000 square feet, but within its walls athletes have access to nearly every piece of Westside Barbell Specialty Equipment and Specialty Bar imaginable.

The Inverse Curl                     Hip & Ab Developer                Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper

Belt Squat Machine                 Standing Leg Curl                   Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper

Hip & Quad Developer            The Westside Bench              Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper          

Along with the Westside Pieces ASC has a competition monolift, a full spectrum of dumbbells and kettle bells, and a borderline inappropriate amount of specialty bars. Filling the remaining square footage you will find the standard machines; GHR, Iso-Row, Lat Pull Down, Back Extension, Power Racks and more, there is also a full suite of strongman equipment on hand!

“My arrival at Westside Barbell followed a pretty unique path. I’m not one for discussing myself very much or self promotion… I just want to lift weights with decent people, but its been a fun trip thus far. I opened this gym after my service in the Marine Corps came to an end, I never imagined that this shit hole would have lead to me working for and alongside Louie Simmons and the gang, and I wouldn't change a bit of this experience for anything.” 

“ASC is a gym to some, and much more to a lot of us… I consider this place a training area that I am responsible for. Within that responsibility I owe it to my members and to Westside Barbell to run this gym the right way. This means executing the Westside Methods and APPLYING them to sport… with the best equipment available, in the best environment possible.”

“We welcome athletes of all types here, anyone with a few bucks and good intentions are welcome to train here… However; our main focus is strength training. Whether the programming we offer is followed or not members can train as they see fit at ASC, just don't be a prick. That being said there isn't a soul here that doesn't have some element of Westside Barbell involved in their training, be it our lifters, our endurance athletes, or competitive fitness gurus. There is simply no way to argue that Westside works.”

“We aren't reinventing the wheel Louie has built here, I am always learning more about it, and the gym keeps it spinning… Its a pretty simple existence up here.

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