WSBB Blog: Why the Westside Method?

WSBB Blog: Why the Westside Method?

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By: Westside Barbell Educational Team

The Westside Barbell training method is and has always been one of the most forward thinking strength and performance training methodologies. It is a methodology that is in continuous development based upon the needs of the athletes currently training at Westside Barbell.

The Westside Barbell Book of Methods establishes the base philosophy as to how we approach programming design and exercise selection in the gym. However, most fail to realize Louie is in the gym day to day, week to week continuously developing new approaches to training utilizing the Westside Barbell strength training principles and theories.

The Westside Barbell Book of Methods has been used to train and develop thousands of powerlifters, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and Crossfit athletes.

Not only have these lifters and athletes made the trip to Columbus, Ohio to specifically train with Louie and learn his methods directly, coaches worldwide have adopted our methods knowing it is the superior way to prepare their athletes and clients. You would be hard pressed to find another gym in the world that has the amount of data and history to support their methods as we have here at Westside Barbell.

One of the best attributes about the Westside Barbell Method is being able to regulate and adjust the training day to day based upon the lifter or athlete’s recovery rate, and also adjusting the exercise selections to address weaknesses as they present themselves.

In the gym, you will find a few different training groups training different main and accessory exercises based on what the group collectively needs. We don’t write long term phase training programs for the groups here.

Louie and senior members of the gym make sure the training groups are properly following the methods at maximal efficiency. Being able to constantly adjust the programming allows us to experiment and either add or discard new programming theories and exercises.

We leave no stone unturned at Westside Barbell, and we strive to remain forward thinking in our approaches to strength and athletic development.

It has been said because Westside Barbell is a living laboratory of strength that unless you’re training at Westside Barbell you’re not really training the Westside Barbell Method.

This is true, you won’t be training how we train exactly, however we do encourage lifters and athletes to use our Westside Barbell Book of Methods as the foundation of their Conjugate Method strength and conditioning programming.

We also provide many forms of education and information on our website, as well as a monthly based subscription service, Conjugate Club, that allows you to have access to an even larger library of sport specific programming and information.

Aside from the Westside Barbell Book of Methods, Louie has also written many other books covering everything from squat, bench, and deadlift specifically, to how to fully adapt the Conjugate Method to Olympic weightlifting.

No strength and conditioning coach has been able to work with a more diverse group of athletes than Louie Simmons. He has consistently trained high level athletes and consulted and contributed to high level coaches for more than 30 years.

It is because of this that we consider the Westside Barbell Method the most effective, efficient, and proven strength and performance training methodology in existence today.


Need training programs? Want to see videos or have Louie Simmons answer your questions? Join our conjugate training based membership site.


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