Westside Fight Crew Training Tuesday November 15th 2016

Tom Barry
Wed Nov 16, 2016

Warm Up 

  1. Reverse Hypers 3 sets of 20 reps
  2. "Psoas Sit Up" on med Ball 4 sets of 25 reps
  3. Light Sled Drags

Main Exercise 

1 rep max - Covnetional Deadlift with weight placed upon 4 inch matt 

Accessory Work 

    1. 4 sets of 10 Reps of Weighted Box jumps (20lbs ankle weights)

Mandatory Conditioning 

The Westside Walk

(1x 400 meter Lap Of Each Exercise with 45 seconds break between each lap)

  • Lap 1 Walk wihile pulling a Sled With 90lb pushing a Warwagon with 180lb with a Safety Squat bar with 135lb placed on your shoulders and wearing 10lb ankle weights.
  • Lap 2 Push a Warwagon with 180lb on it with a Safety Squat bar with 135lb on your shoulders and 10lb ankle weights
  • Lap 3 Walk with Saftey Squat bar with 135lb and 10lb ankle weights
  • Lap 4 Heels to ass and high knees while walking with 10lbs ankle weights

Secondary Workout

Joint Integrity/PreHab/Concussion Limiting Training 

        1. Lying Hamstring Curls with ankle weights 100 reps
        2. Hip Joint Mobility (John Quint Protocol) 
        3. Seated Calve Raise superset with Seated Leg raise 5 sets of 25 reps
        4. Head and Neck Isoltaor™ (Mark Asanovich Protocol) 
        5. 3 sets of 90 second Isometric/Quasi-isometric 45 degree holds with bands