Articles on Strength Training

Articles on Strength Training

Fix the Bench: Lockout

    Many things cause lifers and athletes alike to go into a fit of rage. However, few can compare to taking a big bench, with locked in technique and flawless execution, only to fail within inches of the lockout. If this is you, this feeling of failure is all...

Westside Barbell
Wed Jun 10, 2020

Fix the Bench: Off the Chest

    After all the work powerlifters, athletes, and gym goers put themselves through, what can be more frustrating than failing a bench right off the chest? Sure, you're doing all the chest work from flyes and fancy chrome machine presses, but are you taking into account the additional auxiliary...

Wed Jun 03, 2020

Bench Pressing Tips

Bench Pressing Tips By: Louie Simmons Tags: bench, triceps, max effort     Westside has had six men hold the all-time bench press record along with DaveHoff making the biggest full-meet bench of more than 1,000 pounds. Many women have held the all-time bench record as well—from Doris Simmons at...

Wed Apr 08, 2020

The Board Idea

The board press...The idea behind it is to simulate a higher touch point of the body while absorbing the force through the board as though it is the body. A common misunderstanding is that some tend to 'slam' the bar into the board as hard as possible. This in a...

Tue Oct 29, 2019

Upper Core

Push-ups are one of the most potent upper body exercises when executed correctly.At Westside we do them with the bar set low in the power rack, typically with a specialty bar to address weakness. The bigger lifters have been known to place 2 hundos on their upper back for 15-30...

Sun Oct 27, 2019

Horseshoe Pump

Tricep FinisherAscending Giant Set x2-Close grip bench x15-Lying dual db tricep extension x20-Tricep rope cable pushdown x25-Banded overhead extension x50-Banded pushdown x75

Thu Oct 24, 2019


Max Effort UpperStraight Bar Bench 1RM-bench grip-competition pause2 Board Straight Bar Bench 3xMax Reps-80% 1RM just found-2 finger widths closer (each hand)DB Rollbacks 3x8, 2x12, 1x16Reverse Pec Dec 3x12Band Tear 4x50-palms up

Mon Oct 21, 2019

Seldom used Press

Do you incline press?The Incline Press is excellent for building the shoulders and triceps( major movers in the bench). Here, we prefer to set a flat bench atop the squat box and do it throwback style.

Sun Oct 06, 2019

Upper Volume

Dynamic UpperFootball Bar Bench 9x5@45% 1RM-3x5 close grip-3x5 moderate grip-3x5 wide grip45º Incline DB Bench 4x12Tricep Pressdown 3x15Sled OH Extension x6 Trips-1 trip = 60m down AND back-90% recover after each trip-keep constant tension in strapsGiant Set x3-banded face pull x25-banded press-down x50-band tear x75-banded OH ext. x100

Wed Oct 02, 2019

Simple Fix

It may seem simple, but for a big bench, push-ups are a main stay.At Westside, we perform them from the floor, in rings, and using specialty bars set low in power racks. More likely than not, weight placed on the upper back is involved(at times even another lifter sitting on...

Sun Sep 29, 2019

NFL Combine Bench

Max Effort Upper225 Rep Test 1xMax Reps-bench grip*with Texas Power bars, at Westside it is usually 230 or 235lbs4 Board Bench 3x5-moderate grip-~100lbs band + ~80lbs chain*emphasize holding the arch in the upper back despite the pressure of the bar/accommodating resistancePlate Raise 4x8-hip to eye level-keep upper back pinned against...

Sat Sep 28, 2019