Bench Progression

Westside Barbell
Sun Apr 28, 2019

Through the Conjugate Club we've received many questions regarding the 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10 progression for the bench.
These repetition methods are meant to take the place of speed bench on dynamic effort days. Louie encourages those whom do it to stay at a double illegal (2 finger widths past the power bar's ring) grip throughout. This is typically run with no accommodating resistance, and either with a straight bar, bow bar, or cambered bar.
For the 6x6, he recommends starting at ~70% 1RM running it in a 3 week wave and adding 3-4% each week.
For the 8x8, start at ~65% 1RM.
And for the 10x10, starting at ~60%.
The idea of this training is NOT to fail, but to build volume with the repetition method.