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Aug 08


Posted by Tom Barry

The Conjugate Club Welcome to your all access pass to Westside Barbell. Louie Simmons and his trusted instructors are here to try and guide and help you. Please find below each course currently offered. Each one has its own course instructors who is in charge of that given content. Dont be surprised if Louie Simmons makes appearances in each section via live stream, pre-recorded video, or articles.  POWERLIFTINGInstructor: Louie Simmons TacticalInstructor: Jason Gusic BASEBALLInstructor: JJ Morris Throwing Instructor: Rob Golabek Mixed Martial Arts      Instructor: Tom Barry PodcastLive Stream Access  Throwing Instructor: Tom Barry Mixed Martial Arts      Various Contributors Book ReviewsVarious Reviewers ...

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