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Posted by Tom Barry on

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  • Why don’t you ship to NY?

    Amanda on
  • Hello, I was looking at your “Scout” Reverse Hyper model, and have a few questions.

    -Is this compatible with straps?

    -Do you have any video of someone using this particular model? I searched all over the web/youtube, and couldnt find any.

    What height range will this model work for, since it only has one set of handles?


    Steve on
  • Just received the Scout…are there special weights for the Scout…the weights we currently have don’t seem to fit just right…wanted to make sure that we weren’t suppose to use a specific weight.

    Debra Russo on
  • Hello,
    I’m inquiring if you might have any returned/demo Reverse hypers for sale? I’m interested in your Ultra Supreme or dual pendulum models. Is there any difference in the tilt degrees between these two models?

    If you don’t have any used/demo models when is your sell ending?

    Thank you,

    Nathan Martinez on
  • Do you have a bar with long sleeves? Longer than 16.5?

    Steven Kendrick on

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