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Posted by Tom Barry on

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  • Hi
    Is possible Buy from italy ?

    Marco on
  • How can I order the ball bearing replacements for my reverse Hyper. Also, do you have a downloaded manual as I lost my years ago.

    Mike Rodelle on
  • Can you guys make me a custom weightlifting program?

    Anthony on
  • Team

    I have owned a CF box out in Nuernberg Germany for the past 5 years and am trying to develops it into more of a PL gym. I ha e been following John Welborns program for the past 8 months and have made great gains in strength. I am 46 and the stronest I have ever been. I have a lot of issues with my knees(8 surg in all) which limits my squaring. So the question, I have heard a lot about the belt squat Maxine and how great a training implement it is especially for people like me that have problems squatting. So do you guys recommend it and if so could you give me a quote on shipping to Germany


    BTW, I have your team at my box for the CF Conjugate seminar this weekend

    Drake F Sladky on
  • question – what size is the Cotter Pin that goes with the Reverse Hyper? We have six reverse hypers and are missing one pin – looking to order the correct size. Thank you

    Jake on

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