Leave your problems outside

by Louie Simmons on March 01, 2017

"Louie Simmons never entered Westside Barbell. As soon as I entered the gym Louie's life, work, and problems stayed outside like they should. I went into another dimension. I became a different person."

As soon as I put my belt or briefs on its like lacing up some boxing gloves to go fight. My opponent was always the weight and I was always in competition with myself. I never quit, I never turned away from a challenge and I was never afraid to make a fool of myself trying to do what I had never done.

I URGE all of you who are serious about training regardless of your sport to follow these guidelines
-Leave your fucking phone in the car
-Leave your problems outside
-Stick the small talk where the sun don't shine
-Become who you want to be ,or need to be, in order to get the best out of yourself and others.
-Just Go Train.


by Chris on July 01, 2017

Great inspiration. Louie and the westside crew kick ass

by Jack Robinson on May 06, 2017

Louie Simmons has been very important in my long and successful masters powerlifing career. When the iron curtain fell and Russian training methods became available, Louie posted Russian training cycles based on percentages which I used for more than 20 years in three associations’ competitions and I was never beaten within this time. Louie also made me aware of the writings of Verkoshansky and Zatsiorsky back when. Louie is one of my heroes.